Resources for Teachers and Students: A Visit To Elizabethan London

I’m working on several educational projects at the moment and I’m proud to share this one with you. It’s what I call a virtual tour of Shakespeare’s London. The teacher I’m working with said she wanted to teach the kids about the culture of Elizabethan London as he was writing Romeo and Juliet. Naturally with the pandemic a field trip was out of the question, (for multiple reasons), but I wanted to create a visually interesting tour of the places Shakespeare knew and worked and try to imagine his perspective and how that might have informed the characters and themes of Romeo and Juliet.

So I created this: a website written as if Shakespeare himself is taking you on a tour of his London in the year 1593, the year where, as far as we know, he had just completed writing Romeo and Juliet. 1593 was also the middle of another outbreak of Bubonic Plague. It has virtual tours of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Hampton Court Palace, Shakespeare’s Grammar School, and a quiz where you can pretend you’re in the Elizabethan doctor’s office.

For the class I’m helping, the students will fill out a worksheet as they navigate the website so they learn from the material at their own pace. If you’re interested, leave a comment and I’ll post the worksheet so you can use it in your classroom.

My hope is that this website can be a resource for anyone trying to connect with Romeo and Juliet and trying to learn from the culture of Elizabethan London. Shakespeare was a product of his time and his experiences must have had an influence on what he wrote. Even if they didn’t, they certainly influenced the people who saw the play and he knew that it would. So I hope it can help you understand a little bit more about the world of this famous play, and the context of the world that created it.

5 thoughts on “Resources for Teachers and Students: A Visit To Elizabethan London

  1. Are there details about Merchant of Venice that I can read? I am teaching the drama so would love to know anything extra that is not already there. I do like tour blog. Thanks


    1. Sadly, since this website is mostly about Romeo and Juliet, I didn’t mention much about Venice. I can recommend a few sources though:
      1. Internet Shakespeare Editions: The Merchant Of Venice: I use this website frequently in all my research and it has some excellent pictures and info on Venice, the status of Jews, and the themes of the play.

      2. Virtual Venice: How to tour the City From Home: This is a virtual tour of modern Venice that hopefully your students will enjoy and help get a sense of the culture and geography of the city.

      3. Best Venice Guides: This is a blog about touring modern Venice and art history. I particularly recommend the article about the painting: “At The Rialto,” since it plays such an important part in Shakespeare’s play:

      4. Read my entry on why everyone should read or teach The Merchant Of Venice:

      Thanks for your excellent question, hope this helps!

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