Romeo and Juliet’s Infinite (Variety) Playlist Part 1

Hello Loyal Subscribers and First Time Readers!

A few weeks ago I created a fake playlist of songs that I though the protagonists, Benedick and Beatrice, might want to hear during moments of the play. So I decided to do another one for R&J!

For those of you who didn’t read the older post, this is a game!

The way it works is I provide you with a list of the events that happen to Romeo, and then a fake ipod Playlist screen. This screen has a group of songs that I chose because I feel Romeo might want them as part of his ‘internal soundtrack.’ So if Romeo is feeling sad at a particular moment, you look at the playlist and try to pick a  song that would match his mood. Today is Romeo’s playlist and tomorrow I’ll do Juliet’s.
Anyway, enough gabbing. LET’S PLAY!

Part I: Events that Happen To Romeo (In Chronological Order)

  1. Romeo is distraught because Rosalind will not give in to his romantic advances
  2. Romeo is disappointed when he finds out that the Montegues and the Capulets have been fighting again.
  3. Benvolio convinces Romeo to get over himself and go crash the party at the Capulet’s.
  4. Romeo dances at the Capulet Ball and is immediately stuck with true love.
  5. Romeo realizes with horror that his true love is a Capulet; his family’s enemy.
  6. Determined to seize the moment, Romeo climbs the orchard wall under Juliet’s balcony and risks death to talk to her.
  7. Having already plotted with the Friar and Nurse, Romeo secretly marries Juliet
  8. Romeo attempts to break up a fight between his friend Mercutio, and his new cousin, Tybalt.
  9. Full of rage after Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo challenges Tybalt to a duel and wins.
  10. Romeo is once again distraught and full of self-hatred for killing Tybalt. He hides in Friar Lawrence’s cell, and thinks about what he has done.
  11. Romeo sneaks once again into Juliet’s room and spends one last tender night with her before he has to leave for Mantua.
  12. Hearing that Juliet has died, Romeo is once again full of rage for the whole of humanity. He resolves to go back to Verona and die by Juliet.
  13. Feeling strangely at peace, Romeo bids farewell to his beloved Juliet, drinks a poison, and dies.
  14. Epilogue: Through Romeo’s death, his father reconciles with Capulet.

Part II- The playlist- Try to match these songs with the events above.

Romeo's Playlist (in random order)

So now you know the rules, enjoy the game. Send your answers to us by leaving a comment below or by emailing me here:

Have fun!

One thought on “Romeo and Juliet’s Infinite (Variety) Playlist Part 1

  1. For starters, props on using O Valencia. Love The Decemberists!

    1. Somebody That I Used To Know
    2. We Shall Overcome
    3. Tonight Tonight
    4. Falling Slowly
    5. Taboo To Love
    6. Tonight (Duet)
    7. Marry Me
    8. What’s Going On?
    9. Titanium
    10. Beat It
    11. Save Tonight
    12. O Valencia!
    13. The End
    14. Beyond The Realms of Death

    Oof, not so sure I got it right… But that was so fun! Make more!


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