Juliet’s Infinite (Variety) Playlist

Hello Loyal Subscribers and First Time Readers!

Those of you who read my post for Much Ado About Nothing will probably remember that I made a post like this one last year. I created a fake playlist of songs that I though the protagonists, Benedick and Beatrice, might want to hear during moments of the play. Well, since this year our Romeo and Juliet focuses  greatly on the influence of technology in everyday life, I felt it would be appropriate to make another playlist.

For those of you who didn’t read the older post, this is a game!

The way it works is I provide you with a list of the events that happen to Romeo, and then a fake ipod Playlist screen. This screen has a group of songs that I chose because I feel Romeo might want them as part of his ‘internal soundtrack.’ So if Romeo is feeling sad at a particular moment, you look at the playlist and try to pick a  song that would match his mood. Yesterday I did Romeo’s playlist and today I’ll do Juliet’s.
Anyway, enough gabbing. LET’S PLAY!

Part I: Events that Happen To Juliet (In Chronological Order)

  1. Like a dutiful daughter, Juliet promises to meet Paris at the Capulet ball.
  2. Juliet is immediately stuck with true love when she dances with Romeo.
  3. Caught up in love and passion Juliet kisses Romeo at her balcony and pledges to be with him forever.
  4. After sneaking off to Friar Lawrence’s cell, Juliet secretly marries Romeo.
  5. Juliet anxiously awaits her first night with Romeo as a married woman.
  6. After spending one last tender night with her Romeo, Juliet tries to keep him by her side, even though she knows he has to leave.
  7. Juliet defies her father by refusing to marry Paris and he threatens to disown her.
  8. Terrified and repulsed by the idea of marrying Paris, Juliet visits Friar Lawrence’s cell, begging him to either help her or let her die.
  9. Haunted by Tybalt’s memory, Juliet reluctantly takes Friar Lawrence’s potion to make herself seem dead. She is taken to her family’s crypt.
  10. Awakened from her sleep and seeing her husband Romeo dead, Juliet stabs herself.
  11. Epilogue: Through Julie’s death, her father reconciles with Montegue.

Part II- The playlist- try to match these songs with the events above.

Juliet's Playlist

So now you know the rules, enjoy the game. Send your answers to us by leaving a comment below or by emailing us at openairshakespearnrv@gmail.com. If you have other suggestions for the playlist, let us know and we’ll make a new one!
Have fun!

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