Is “The Lion King Hamlet?

Educators love to compare Shakespeare to classic Disney, myself included. After all, both Shakespeare and Walt Disney were popular entertainers who adapted classic stories into new forms for larger audiences.

You can make a pretty strong case that Hamlet is “The Lion King” from these narrative similarities:

Infographic of Lion King similarities from Daily

It’s also true that, when the story artists at Disney decided to make the villain Mufasa’s brother, they noted the parallels to Shakespeare as the film was being written:

Then again, there are some critics who say the play more closely resembles other Shakespeare plays.

And the legal argument that Shakespeare’s descendants could make for plagiarism are pretty weak:

So, let me know in the comments whether you agree Hamlet is Lion King or another play:

2 thoughts on “Is “The Lion King Hamlet?

  1. I agree that the Lion King is Hamlet though no madness of Nala. I also think the current Heathers musical has elements of the Jacobean revenge tragedy present in Hamlet: a ghost, scenes of madness, scenes near a graveyard, someone looking for revenge prompted by a ghost.

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