Pericles’ Crazy Spring Break

It’s April, so it’s about to be spring break. Also, Shakespeare’s birthday 🎂 is coming up, so I thought I’d honor him this year by highlighting some hidden gems of Shakespeare’s plays.

Title Page for Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Shakespeare’s Pericles is an incredible odyssey where the hero goes to many exotic locations and has many adventures, so I thought I’d summarize the action of the play using the device of… vacation photos!

Part 1: Pericles’ Vacation In Antioch

Travel brochure for Antioch, where Pericles finds himself in Act I.

Part II, Scaped beheaded, now he’s wedded!

Pericles’ vacation video where he gets shipwrecked, finds a suit of armor, wins a joust, falls in love, and gets married all in a few days!

Part III: The worst Cruise ever

Pericles reviews the ship 🚢 that took him to Tarsus.

Part IV: Beauty(?) Regimen

Part V: Family reunion at Ephesus

Pericles Reunion T-Shirt.\

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