I want to hear from you

Hello everybody.

Since most schools are still closed due to Covid 19, many parents, teachers, and students are learning online. In this time of crisis, I want to try and help, so I’m asking for advice from you on what Shakespearean resources you want me to make/ review on this blog:

  • What plays do you need resources for but can’t find?
  • Want to know if a site or app is any good? Let me know and I’ll review it!
  • Need lesson plans or study help? I’ll post some links.

For now, you can check out my activities teachers and student pages which includes lesson plans and ideas for specific plays, as well as reviews of educational apps and websites. You can also check out my plays of the month pages, which helps analyze plays for students and teachers.

Just today I found an activity for finding figurative language on the seesaw app:



This is just a start, I know, but I want this blog to help people enjoy and understand Shakespeare and if I can ease the burden of teachers and parents who are already struggling during this difficult time, I can think of nothing more worthwhile.

-Shakespearean student:

Email: shakespeareanstudent@gmail.com

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