Exciting Shakespeare Short Film Project

The Globe Theatre is undertaking an incredible project set to go up on Shakespeare’s birthday, (April 23rd). They are filming 37 short 10 minute film adaptations on location in the actual places Shakespeare set his plays- imagine seeing Antony and Cleopatra performed at the pyramids- Juliet at her actual balcony in Verona Italy, and Hamlet in his own castle of Elsinore in Denmark! 

The project is appropriately called “Globe To Globe,” and if you live in London, the films will be on a loop on huge TV screens along the South bank of the Thames ( the location of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre). Hopefully the films will be released online after Shakespeare’s birthday for the rest of us.

To read more about this fascinating project, click here: http://www.theguardian.com/stage/2015/nov/19/a-film-for-each-play-to-mark-400th-anniversary-of-shakespeares-death


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