“Are Not You My Father?”

Hi everyone,

I know I didn’t finish my last post, and haven’t posted for two weeks, but I have a very good reason- two weeks ago I became a dad! My wife and I are very excited about our little girl, and hope she grows up as brave as Cleopatra, as wise as Beatrice, and as independent as Katerina Minolla from “Taming Of the Shrew.”

We wanted to pick the name of a good Shakespearean character, but one that has a happy ending. Unfortunately, that left out a lot of people in the cannon; we couldn’t name her Ophelia or Cordelia or Kate, and we didn’t even think about Lavinia or Juliet! But in the end, we chose a name shared by two great characters- one of them is a doctor who saves the king’s life. The other is a sweet girl from Athens who gets the love of the man she worships with the help of magic! Let’s see if you can guess her name!
Till next time, This is the Shakespeare Student, signing off!

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