Book Review: The Manga Shakespeare: “Romeo and Juliet,” a clever modern interpretation.

Shakespeare Review:

In this section, I review a Shakespeare book, movie, or TV show that I feel has some kind of value, either as an interpretation of Shakespeare, or a means to learn more about the man and his writing.

Official Wallpaper from “Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet.”

Basic Details:

  1. Name: The Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
  2. Media: Comic book, with accompanying website
  3. Ages: Young adult/ Teen.
  4. Premise: A slick, clever interpretation of Shakespeare that pares down the story and uses Japanese-inspired Manga comic book design to bring to life the violence and youthful energy of Romeo and Juliet. It transposes the story to a Tokyo suburb with two katana-wielding rival versions of the Capulets and Montegues.

Sample Images

rj_079 rj_033  rj_063My reaction: I think this is a very clever and very exciting way to get young people interested in Shakespeare. The pictures help bring the emotions out with great clarity and the storytelling is very condensed and clever. In addition, the website has helpful resources for Shakespeare newbie’s.

Recommendation: I’d recommend this book to all teens and high-school students and fans of Shakespeare.


Grade: 4 Shakespeare globes.urlurlurl

  • Official Website/ Reader’s Guide:

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