Can I transform my Dad Bod into a medieval Warrior?

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m going to be honest, I have a dad-Bod. I try to stay in shape by doing workouts at home and going to the gym, but recently it’s been a bit of a chore.

So like many of us this January, I’m trying to get in shape. So I decided to combine my love of Shakespeare, and make some workouts inspired by medieval Knights!

Screenshot of my Fighter App.

Every day I’ll do some kind of warrior workout 💪, whether it’s a Spartan Warrior workout from the app on my phone, this medieval knight workout I found online, or a rapier drill like the one below. I’ll also log my calories and try to stay away from processed foods and sugar. After all, King Henry didn’t eat them so I shouldn’t either.

I’ll let you know what progress I make on Twitter and Instagram. If you’re interested or have suggestions, leave a comment below! Hoo rah!

Week 1:

3 fighter workouts

Rapier Drills

A. 50-100 target lunges ( include redoubles and gathering steps).

B. Cutting drill (Start in first guard, advance and draw through)

C. Cut-thrust combo

D. Footwork Drill: Advance/ Retreat step, Redouble, Gathering Step

E. Passing Lunge

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