The Ariel Project

Just wanted to do a quick shout-out for a blog created by teachers to share literary projects and ideas. The title comes from Ariel, the magical spirit who serves the magician Prospero (himself a teacher for his daughter). It has visual projects, video games, and lots of neat pictures!

My aim in The Ariel Project, is to create a website where we can share our images and texts, thus building a writing assignment that is polyvocal so that you can see interpretation at work, with artists, with scholars, and with each other.

 Dr. Claire Dawkins, cretor of The Ariel Project

One entry I thought was really cool was a video game designed by a teacher to tell the story of the Tempest, which sounds like a fascinating concept, and I’ll certainly try to adapt it myself.

Screenshot of “The Island” game by jJcob Polatty

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