Announcing Roman Week!

Since this Saturday is the Ides Of March, I am posting thoughtful posts about Shakespeare’s Roman plays, especially Julius Caesar.

To start with, here are two videos about Caesar’s life:

1. Epic Rap Battles Of History: Caesar vs. Shaka Zula:

What I like about this video is that it fills some of the gaps of Caesar’s life that Shakespeare could not put on stage, like his kidnapping by pirates or his victories against the Gauls and the English. You also get to see some of his battle tactics that made his 13th Legion, one of the most feared in Rome.

2. History Buffs: Rome Season 1:

Again, this review of the HBO TV show Rome helps explain details of Caesar’s life that Shakespeare didn’t cover, namely, why the Senate wanted him dead, and why he was arguably a threat to the republic.

That’s all for now, more to follow!

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