Lots of Great classes are available on Outschool Next Week!

Before you send your kid off to summer camp, why not spend a few short hours learning Shakespeare in a low-key, no-pressure scenario! I have classes on Shakespeare’s life, Romeo and Juliet, and my celebrated Stage Combat class! Sign up now for all the fun on Outschool.com!


May 29th- June 4rth- Romeo and Juliet Murder Mystery

Course Description:

May 31st- Introduction to Shakespeare– 3PM EST

Course Description: In this one-time course, students will learn about Shakespeare’s life and what made him so remarkable. Knowing more about the man and his theater will help them understand why his plays have been loved for so many years.

June 2nd- Intro to Shakespeare, How to Write Like Shakespeare, and Intro To Romeo and Juliet.

Course Descriptions:

How to Write Like Shakespeare: Learn the basics of iambic pentameter, sonnet form, and Shakespeare’s dramatic structure, and practice writing Shakespearean speeches.

Romeo and Juliet: Why Do We Still Read This Play? In this one-time class, learners will explore the story, characters, and themes of Shakespeare’s play, and grow to understand its timeless appeal.

June 3rd- Shakespeare’s Comedies- 11PM EST or 8:30 IST.

June 10th- Into To Shakespeare, Stage Combat, and Shakespeare’s Comedies.

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