New Outschool Classes for February

In honor of Valentines 💝 Day, I’m offering classes to help you craft your perfect Valentines, scribble a superb sonnet, and also appreciate Shakespeare’s most popular love story, Romeo and Juliet. Below are class descriptions, trailers, and a link to my Outschool class page so you or your child can sign up!

Trailer: An Immersive Guide to Romeo and Juliet.

Your child will learn how to write poetry like Shakespeare himself, through a mix of presentations, a printable guideline, and some fun quizzes to test your knowledge of Shakespeare’s sonnets! Designed for ages 13-18.

If you’re interested in signing up for these and other courses, visit my outschool site:

Here’s the schedule 📅 for the rest of the week (February 1-5)

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